Cancel Account

Please make sure to disable and uninstall all NetAngel filters before cancelling. Cancelling before doing so may cause you to be blocked by the filter depending on how you have our filter configured.

Uninstall Filters

iOS Devices

  1. Open the system settings
  2. Look for profiles
  3. Look for the NetAngel Profile and select it
  4. Click the minus button in the lower left corner of the window
  5. Follow the process to remove the profile


  1. Open the NetAngel app on the windows computer
  2. Log into the app with your credentials
  3. Click the “prepare for uninstall” button
  4. Uninstall the app


  1. Open the app
  2. Log into the app with your credentials
  3. Click the uninstall button


If you purchased a NetAngel router, support and returns are handled by Amazon.

If you set up NetAngel on your own router, you will have to undo any configuration you changed to configure NetAngel DNS. We do not provide support for configuring DNS on your own router. If you are unable to remove NetAngel DNS from your router, you can reset it to factory defaults (likely you would have to set up your wifi again). If an ISP provided the router, you can contact their support.

Cancel Account

After you have removed the filter from all your devices, you can proceed to cancel your account.

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Navigate to the billing page
  3. Click the “Cancel subscription” button


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