Zyxel c3000z

  1. First, add a device to your NetAngel Dashboard by logging in and clicking “Add Device” > “Home Router” > “Use your own”. Name the device, set the “Type” as “router”, and click “ADD”.

  2. Login to your Actiontec router by typing into a web browser and hit “enter”.

  3. Login to your router. The username is typically “admin”, and the password can be found on the side/bottom of your Actiontec router.

  4. Once logged in, click “Advanced Setup”.

  1. Click “WAN Settings” in the left-hand menu.

  1. Under “Set DNS Type”, click “Static DNS” and enter the following numbers:\ Primary -\ Secondary -\ Scroll down and click “Apply”.

  1. Allow your router a few minutes to apply the new settings. Then you can test the filter by going to filtertest.netangel.com - the page should be blocked if the filter is working properly.

  2. If the page isn’t blocked, login to your NetAngel Dashboard. Select your router, click “Manage Device”, and make sure the IP addresses match. If not, click “Use this”. Then try again.

If you need further assistance, email us at info@netangel.com



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