Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the routers on your website the only routers supported by NetAngel?
    • No, however they are the only routers we are able to support due to the complexity of networking and differences between all the routers available in the market. Our service can be used either with DNS or DNS Over Https but you would have to configure your own device. As most users are not able to configure their own devices we offer our pre configured routers to make the setup experience easy.
  • If I am using a NetAngel router do I need to install an app on every device?
    • No, you do not have install anything on devices to get protection while they are connected to a protected router. However, a router will not tell you which device accessed a blocked site and the filter setting are for all devices on the network. Installing our apps on individual devices will protect that device on any network it connects to as well as giving your notifications specific for that device as well as it’s own filter settings.
  • Does the router protect both the WiFi and the LAN wired connections?
    • Our pre-configured routers protect all devices connected the router whether via WIFI or wired connection. If you configure your own router with our service this would depend on how you configure your router.


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