Arris NVG468

  1. Login to your NetAngel account at and select “Add Device”

  2. Select “Home Router” then click “Use Your Own”

  3. Name your device (ex. Home Router). Under “Type” select “Router”, and click “Add Device”.

  4. Login to your Arris NVG468 router by going to The login information can typically be found on the side of your router.

  5. Once logged into your router, click “Advanced” from the top menu then click “Connection Settings”.

  6. Scroll down to “DNS Type” and change to “Static”.

  7. In the Primary Server, type

In the Secondary Server, type

  1. Click “Apply” at the bottom

  2. Go back to your NetAngel dashboard and make sure your IP addresses match. If they are different, click “Use This”.

  1. Test the filter by going to - the page should be blocked.


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